Unique market information adjusted to your location.

Here's the price.

Geo-based prices Unique
Geography matters - right?

Let's assume that you're a farmer in Denmark. Then you might think that prices in Sweden aren't relevant for you.


With Lumen, we give you a sophisticated tool for insights where we've used advanced modelling to give you prices adjusted so that they're relevant for your personal location. 

Product quality Transparent
What about the protein?

A price is only a number if you don't have all the information about the crop. This is why we at Skira expose all quality information in connection to the prices.

This means that you can see all the details about a product and then evaluate what actually is important for a price.

Transport and timing Depth
What's sellable where and when?

Do you consider selling during different periods? What is sellable when? And where?

Don't wonder anymore. Sign up for Lumen and see it with your own eyes.

We proudly present

All imperative market information before, during and after a grain trade on your terms.

Subscription Plans

Skira has three different subscription plans for all kinds of traders. No matter if you’re a farmer, mill or broker we have something for you.



1 user
1 company
1 free quality test

2,5% commission

No annual fee



2 users
2 companies
5 free quality tests
No proforma payment
NEW: SMS with market insights


$1 490/year

* Buy up to 700 tonnes, then 2,5%. No upper limit for selling.



Unlimited users
Unlimited companies
30 free quality tests
No proforma payment
NEW: SMS with market insights
Systems integrations

Always $0/tonne

$2 990/year**

** Annual fee depends on volume.