For Consumer Brands

Meet your sustainability goals by influencing your agri-footprint

Gain a closer relationship with the growers to impact your supply chain and increase your products’ sustainability

Increase traceability by connecting with supplying growers and get access to their data

Gain insights from validated and aggregated grower production data

Reduce climate footprint of your products in your own supply chain

Farmers love us

Axel Lagerfelt is one of Skira's many satisfied growers. In this video he explains why.

Johan Ocklind is one of many happy buyers in the Skira Platform. See the 3 min video to learn more.

Edvard has saved $10 000 in a year by using Skira. Watch this video to learn more about his usage.

Why growers love our platform

Traceability System

The platform for food industries to aggregate growers’ data, get insights and incentivize growers towards a more sustainable production.


In Skira’s platform you can handle all of your trades with our Marketplace and My Deals. You’ll get realtime updates about bids, transport, digital invoices and certificates, can manage payment and see the status of all your orders.


Lumen is an unprecedented platform for aggregated price and market information, national and international, presented with respect to your location. With Lumen, Skira exposes unique information that you can’t get anywhere else.


Stress-free delivery as a service. Skira Transport brings security and comfort to a process that normally brings you pain and agony. With Skira Transport, we offer a neutral and secure solution for transport, weighing, quality control and invoicing.


You never have to worry about payment with our own solution. We make sure that you always get paid as a seller and that you as a buyer only pay for what you get.

MarketMovements API

One channel for all insights – We bring you Skira MarketMovements API. With this API, we’ve created a way to get all the relevant market insights suitable for the food chain from one place.


Powered: Regionally hosted APIs inc. developer portal and documentation. Embedded: Fully configurable widgets for rapid implementation in existing applications. Supplied: Ready-to-go, fully branded user interface.

White-labelled E-Commerce

Bring existing customers into the world of digital grain trades and have mills use the power of all of Skira’s systems combined.

Let's make sustainable food profitable together!