Abdon Mills AB invests in increased supply chain traceability, together with Skira, to enable a future where sustainable food production is profitable

In order to understand and support farmers for more sustainable agriculture, Abdon Mills is investing in increased traceability through a collaboration with the digital platform Skira. Through the platform, farmers who have sourced products to Abdon Mills can get paid for increased traceability.

It is no news that emission reductions need to take place in every sector of society, least not in agriculture and the global food system, which accounts for about a third of the world’s total emissions. To address this, Abdon Mills is investing in a way of working together with farmers for increased traceability in the food chain and a better understanding of the production of grain. They also enable increased profitability for the farmer.

Through cooperation with Skira, Abdon Mills simplifies the farmer’s collection and sharing of farm data, enabling giving consumer insights into how the products have been produced. The Skira platform, with its unique mill and trader integration, enables Abdon Mills to track data linked to their sourced commodities, increase their food security and create a closer relationship with farmers. At the same time, the supply chain information connection makes it possible for both the farmers and Abdon Mills to start optimizing their work to reduce climate impact at the primary production level, with the aim to in the future provide an opportunity to create increased financial incentives for those who produce more sustainably.

– It’s crucial to transition to more sustainable farming practices, and better tech and financial incentives are key to enable that transition. Skira’s digital platform is the first of its kind in the world and to make a long story short, by using it we wish to reduce the climate footprint in the primary production and at the same time pay more to farmers who make an extra effort to run their farm in the most sustainable way possible, says Kristoffer Lundh, Purchasing Manager and Erling Koch, CEO at Abdon Mills AB. 

During the spring, Abdon Mills will work with increased data collection and calculations from Swedish farmers that they bought from 2021 and buy from during the 2022 harvest. The plan is to eventually be able to include more aspects for sustainable agriculture and investigate monetary compensation for more sustainably produced commodities.

– Abdon Mills is a large and progressive growing partner with a clear focus on sustainability. They are now taking big steps to improve their data-driven insights about their production, by enabling data sharing in their supply chain. They are increasing the traceability of their goods and are starting to work on sustainability initiatives that can maximize their impact and financially support the farmers, says Jacob Morén, COO, Skira.


Jacob Morén, COO, Skira, moren@skira.se, +46 703 885 574

Kristoffer Lundh, Purchasing Manager, Abdon Mills AB, kristoffer.lundh@abdonmills.se, +46 761 809 288

Erling Koch, CEO, Abdon Mills AB, erling.koch@abdonmills.se, +46 724 592 907

About Abdon Mills AB

Abdon Mills AB is a mill business with a long tradition of making flour from grain of Swedish origin. Abdon Mills AB is a part of Abdon Food, a Swedish family-owned business that also includes Finax AB and is one of the Nordic region’s most reliable producers of cereals and plant-based products being one of the leading cereal companies in the Nordic region with head office in Helsingborg. Flour, bread mixes, gluten-free products, and not least well-known muesli mixes are produced here.

About Skira

Skira is one of the fastest growing agtech companies in Europe. With its digital platform, the company not only enables increased traceability within the food chain but also new pioneering opportunities for farmers to get paid more for sustainably produced commodities. The platform connects the farmers, traders, and brands so that they can more easily share data and increase the value of the products sold on top of their existing trade relations. The platform combines digital commerce, market insights, transport, quality, and payment solutions to give its customers a fantastic overall experience.